Part of Historic Environment Scotland

Conservation Policy and Planning

Dates: 27/9/17 - 25/10/17
Days of the week: Wednesday
Total hours: 19.5
Taught hours: 10.5
On-site instruction: 6.5
Off-site instruction: 4


Get an overview of the Scottish, UK and European legislative framework within which the historic built environment is managed and protected.

Examining the main policy drivers affecting building conservation will give you a greater understanding of how the conservation sector in Scotland operates. You will also explore the roles of statutory bodies, public funders, voluntary organisations and civic groups in broader policymaking and decision-making.

A particular focus is the process of designating sites for protection, which is a significant means of managing change in the modern world. As well as listing, scheduling and conservation areas, the module will look at National Parks and World Heritage Site status.

Entry requirements

Individual modules are open to anyone with an interest in the subject matter. Applicants for the Advanced Professional Diploma should have a relevant degree or professional experience.

Classes, lectures and presentations

  • Policy Drivers and Objectives
  • Statutory Planning Framework 1
  • Statutory Planning Framework 2
  • Designations and Policy Guidance 1
  • Designations and Policy Guidance 2

Potential site visits

  • Listed buildings
  • Conservation areas
  • World Heritage Sites


Main policy drivers affecting building conservation

  • Housing – both public and private sectors
  • Public safety – e.g. integrity of building fabric, legal liability
  • Environmental – sustainability, aesthetic appearance
  • Economic – e.g. commercial and industrial demands, tourism attraction, locus for promotion of skills and training
  • Cultural – significance in local, national or international contexts
  • Social – demands and expectations of public at large, especially in terms of adaptive reuse
  • Recreational – e.g. promotion of public health, tourism

Statutory legislative framework

  • Scottish, UK and European planning frameworks and their contribution to heritage management
  • Building Standards system
  • Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015
  • Health and safety regulations
  • BS7913:2013 – Guide to the conservation of historic buildings
  • Other relevant British Standards


  • Scheduled monuments
  • Listed buildings
  • Conservation areas
  • World Heritage Sites
  • National Parks
  • Inventory gardens and designed landscapes
  • Inventory battlefields
  • Wrecks