Diploma fees

Study route Fees
Full-time study £9,000 (UK/EU student)
Full-time study £13,500 (international students)
Part-time study: Unit 1 (Modules A to G) £3,500 (UK/EU)
Part-time study: Unit 2 (Modules H to M) £3,500 (UK/EU)
Part-time study: Unit 3 (Modules N to S) £3,500 (UK/EU)
Module A – Scottish Architectural Traditions £630 (UK/EU)
Module B – Building Fabric and Function £315 (UK/EU)
Module C – Conservation Principles and Ethics £315 (UK/EU)
Module D – Policy & Planning £240 (UK/EU)
Module E – Sustainability & Adaptation £315 (UK/EU)
Module F– Documentation of the Historic Environment £480 (UK/EU)
Module G – Project Design & Management £870 (UK/EU)
Module H – Stone Conservation £1,230 (UK/EU)
Module I – Fired Earth Conservation £330 (UK/EU)
Module J – Unfired Earth Conservation £270 (UK/EU)
Module K – Mortar, Plaster and Render - Composition £645 (UK/EU)
Module L – Mortar, Plaster and Render - Application £420 (UK/EU)
Module M – Historic Cement and Concrete £405 (UK/EU)
Module N – Conservation of Ferrous Metals £585 (UK/EU)
Module O – Conservation of Non-Ferrous Metals £330 (UK/EU)
Module P – Historic Glass and Glazing Conservation £405 (UK/EU)
Module Q – Conservation of Surface finishes £420 (UK/EU)
Module R – Conservation of Timberwork £420 (UK/EU)
Module S – Traditional Roofing Repairs £1,005 (UK/EU)


An additional fee is charged to cover the cost of site visits. This is around £750 for full-time diploma students and £250 for part-time diploma students.

Modules A to S can be studied on an individual basis and their prices include site visit costs.

Please note these prices may change before the first presentation.

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